LEW_Photo_200x275Lennart Wahlquist has been in the mortgage and financial services industry for 32 years and has been a well-respected mortgage broker since 1991. Lennart served as the Executive Vice President of a major mortgage banking firm in Houston, Texas. He also Co-Founded a wholesale mortgage entity in Houston and served as the company’s President for several years. As President, he established a major branch of the company in Newport Beach, California, increasing the number of employees under his management to over 100. As a broker he was responsible for the development of a large network of lender relationships which successfully ensured a variety of loan programs for his clients.

During his career, Lennart has had the oversight responsibility for the production of over $2 Billion of residential mortgages. He became an exclusive commercial servicing agent for a major life insurance company and has worked as an independent consultant to various institutions including the FDIC.

His experience in the industry includes: assisting with the development of national compliance and various state licensing matters; writing, editing, and interpreting legal documentation; creating and implementing underwriting policies; and risk management. Lennart is an expert in the mortgage and financial industry. Throughout his career, he has been called upon to investigate and consult during the audit of a major bank’s state and federal law foreclosure practices and to perform compliance audits of failed FDIC insured institutions. Although he is based in Texas, his reputation for success has created a demand for his services throughout the US. Lennart has been licensed by over 45 state agencies and currently holds an originator license in 39 states.


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